Thursday, July 22

Ellis is Back!

At last he's back! We are anticipating his next fun insight into all things East Dulwich ... welcome back Ellis!

Monday, November 16

Wednesday, October 28

Yoda Mobile

Spotted this beauty just up the road. thought the patchwork BMW deserved a special mention. i reckon there's 4 or 5 cars stuck together to make this baby. beautiful. lego never leaves you eh?

Outside Domino's Pizza, ED


Frank's Cafe & Campari bar on the 10th floor of peckham carpark (above the Peckham plex cinema) was a highlight of the summer. Half the beauty of the bar was uncovering this gem of a bar. Into the unknown via lifts, up and around winding car park floors, past trendy art folk & experimental sculptures to be greeted by Franks, a bohemian bar with just about everything; Unrivalled views across the city, Wonderful food, a hotpot of local artists and timeout readers who'd followed up the reviews and Campari. Hope it's back next year.


Brixton BMX Track

Always worth a visit to let off some steam. prob knacker up your trendy fixed wheel road bike though. After seeing these guys race over the summer, I always make a point of getting a lap in, on the way to work in Battersea.  Good Bumps and Jumps.

Island Life...

My good breadbins at Nissan gave me a pair of tickets to see "Island Life" at Shepherds Bush Empire...... The line up was reggae-tastic; Sly & Robbie playing their spacey dub reggae, Bob Marley, Aswad, Tinchy Stryder, and Grace Jones who was sporting what looked like a disco ball chadelier on her bonce. No change there. Twas a spot on night, and a reminder that island records was and still is an innovative music label and philosphy.

I twittered from the gig (see below).

Knowles Park, Trust.

We jumped in a streetcar & headed for Knole park a beautiful national trust site in Kent, about an hour away from ED. Wild deer roam free (as well as a few excited Mascarenhas Dog's that let loose).
We played hot potato, had a BBQ & generally had a rather slendid time. It was a reminder that the South East really is a beautiful place to explore. So if you feel a like escaping the ED bubble, Knowles is a good bet for a purposeful stroll or a family retreat.

Knole Park deets
Also check this link for great things to check in the South East, curtesy of National trust.

Friday, October 23

Scarey Wolf Sculpture, Denmark Hill

You can't really miss Wolfy as you speed walk for your train in the morning. Really weird. Wolfy adds a sinister edge to my everyday commute.I personally think we should dress them up and put wigs on them and that.

East Dulwich & Peckham Rye 1868


Monday, October 19

Brixton Pound

Lovely idea here. Brixton are trialing their own "Brixton Pound", creating a local currency that can only be used in Brixton. The idea is to show support for local businesses. Not sure if it'll take off, but i'd like to think it will. Maybe there'll be an ED Mark or a Peckham Pound soon?

Monday, June 29

Pietro's Pub Quiz @ The Herne Tavern.

Popped along to join team "Quizzy Rascal" at the Pub Quiz, herne tavern, t'other night. It didn't dissappoint. Jeremy, Nicola, Sadie & Kim have been going on about how good it is for weeks now, so i thought I'd pop along. And it is good. The frontman of the quiz is Pietro, who is from my neck of the woods in hudders (always nice to meet a northerner in South London). Pietro's a funny charming chap. He's good with the crowd and keeps the smiles flowing. Apparently there's a raffle every week and if you get your ticket picked out of the tin-foil hat, you get to have a dabble at "play your cards right" to win the jackpot. "Higher, Lower, Loser, Winner", you get the picture. Apparently a local girl won the jackpot of £1975 the t'other week, but this week was £100. No one snaffled the cash, so it'll be a rollover to next week. I reckon I'll be back.Good work Pietro, Quizzy rascale. time to do some swatting for next week. 2 Forest Hill Road, London, SE22 0RR Telephone: 08717040709

Sunday, June 28

The World's Biggest Goalkeeper, Pecknam

Peckham Rye Park Gym

The Local chiefs have pulled off a beauty in Pecknam Rye, providing an outdoor gym for you to tone up, work off the flab, and make yourself feel better about yourself. If you wander up towards the skate park/lake you can't miss it. There's different zones to help you get fit; Cardio/Tone/Chill. Personally, I'm a big fan of the monkey bars, the pec-alator and the bendy knee thing.

You might wonder how this outdoor gym will survive with the destructive kids rampaging around, but calm your fears. Last time I was there 3 riffraff locals spent 20 minutes trying to smash up one machine, and failed quite miserably. This gym is yoot proof. Good work Pecknam and good work, the great outdoor gym company.

Sunday, June 14

Goose Green Fete

The Goose Green Fete rolled into... well, Goose Green and gave us a special surprise when we woke up on Sunday morning. To our horror a load of locals and their businesses had infiltrated our Garden, setting up stalls selling curry, biscuits, coffee, fudge, icecream, beer, wine and giving out free massages and pony rides. I can tell you we were not best pleased. Until we tried all of them (apart from the pony, that'd be a bit cruel). Twas a good day, and an overwhelming reminder that East Dulwich is capital of Kids.

Big thanks to Babur restaurant who fed us, and Southwark News for making me look buff.

Sunday, May 31

Bright Times @ Bar Story

Sun it up with Bright Times.

Friday, May 29


BUS LAN, originally uploaded by Hobnobrob.

How exciting you might say, but this is a big result for anyone who's been living on East Dulwich rd for the last 6 months. Not only does the road not have craters, burst water pipes and scaffolding everywhere, but it now has a new Bus Lane sign. Amazing. Grumble over.

Killer Bees on the Loose


Best believe it's a Barrack Obama Table Cloth. To say that i'm envious of Pascal's table cloth is an understatement. Isn't it brilliant? Not only is Pas a cracking host, but we get to eat her special chicken pie off the presidents face (and plates obviously). I split a bit of wine on his chin. Sorry Pas, Barrack. More Chicken Pie Please Pas. xxx

Thanks for the Qashqai..

I've been a bit work shy on the posts about east Dulwich recently, which is mainly down to being given a Nissan Qash Qai to do as I please with. I had the car for 3 month and it was a joy to drive. It's pretty much aimed at the East Dulwich peeps; young family's, nippy little getaway car, with enough room inside to swing a fox around (if that's your thing).

You can check out my adventures in the Qashqai in the link below. I have to admit that I didn't really stick to the brief of playing with the city. It was more like play with the country, coast and whatnot. I do hope they'll give it me back soon. And let me keep it.

Friday, May 22


Apologies for the distinct lack of posts in the past couple of months. I blame it on Jack. It's all his fault. My weakness is 24, and any fans of 24 will know that series 7 is well and truly underway (and almost over).

Jack Bauer, (aka big Keith) is back to save the day, and boy is it good. Oh my god it’s so good. I’m up to 5am now, so I’ve spent a good 22 hours or so on tenterhooks watching jack take on the sengali Juna regime, save the president about 5 times and still have time flirt with his foxy red haired side kick assistant (Rene Walker) who’s definitely loving a bit of the Bauer too. I could dribble on and on about this program, but I’m not one to give away what happens (it’s not in my nature), plus you really couldn’t give a monkey’s flipflop about what I’m watching as I hibernate in these cold dark winter months. Back to East Dulwich eh? Go on Jacky Boy!


I was kindly invited to Agent Double O's 8th Birthday outing to see Thriller live. It was brilliant, in a pop idol kind of way. We had a dance, O said one of the Michael jackson singers looked like mr Bean, and he did. Had me in tears. I think he enjoyed it though. Big Thanks to Anorak Magazine for the trip out. Super Stuff cathy O. And big thanks to my brother for bagging me a ticket to see Michael Jackson's This is it Tour in September. He He. Eddie are you Ok? Are you okay Eddie? Best stop now.

Michael jackson Live

ED on Google maps...

Check out the google maps street view. always good to see if you can find someone being sick outside the EDT, or a Millwall thug fighting near kebab & Crime on Lordship lane.
Google Maps

Thursday, March 26

Giles Peterson

Popped along to this the other week. Definitely worth a pop. It's not often you get to share a Chinese restaurant's basement with Giles Peterson as he warms up for his radio show. Cracking venue & some very cool looking crews getting down. shame that it's on a school night really.

Giles Peterson's BBC Radio 1 show

Saturday, March 21

Wednesday, February 4

You Snow it!

What a treat eh? Thanks to the Snow most of us couldn't get a bus, tube or train and had to settle for a Bank Holiday style day off snowballing, building igloos on goose green and the obligatory placky bagging up on Hornimann Hill. It's strange & beautiful how a bit of snow puts smiles on faces and everyone talks to each other again. What fun. More Angel dandruff please.

Friday, January 30

Boobar Kite Flying on Black heath

Yes yes, We took they young Spall's up to Blackheath to do a spot of boobar kite flying. It took a while to figure outthe wind, but 'tils mastered the art in the end. More of the same soon eh?

Friday, January 9

The Invisible...

Apparently these guys are the next thing in the music scene. Not a massive indie fan, but these guys are good.

Forever @ V&A

Forever at the Victoria & Albert Museum from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Definitely worth a shifty. Universal Everything created this audio-visual installation light sculpture with John maeda. Proper Eye & Ear Fodder.
21 November 2008 - 1 February 2009
Admission Free

London Transport Map

Sorry, this isn't masssively exciting, but it is mighty handy. I remember when I first moved to London and thought the only way to get around was the Tube System. Pah! I have legs now. And a nifty map. maps rule.

Tuesday, January 6

Crime Rates in East Dulwich

You can check out crime rates in your london hood here
Just watch Your sen in Pecknam Yeh?

Alan Aldridge the man with kaleidascope eyes @ The Design Museum

You've got to check out Alan Aldridge's life's work at the Design Museum. utterly Wonderful. A rich trip into a fantastical world. He's illustrated album artwork for the Beatles, Elton and was Art Director for Penguin Books. The exhibition is on til the 25th.

Something tells me this chap was dabbling in some experimental narcs.

Monday, January 5

Stevie Gerrard requests Phil Collins...

Apparently all the ca-fuffle surrounding Stevie G's arrest and media disgrace all centred around a DJ not playing Phil Collins as Stevie G had requested. What a numpty eh? Why deny Stevie Phil Collins. Shame on you Mr DJ. Bloody love Collins work on the Little Mermaid. Shame on you too Stevie. I know you read this blog, you should know that I know that Steven.

Come On Henry!

Apparently staying in is the new going out, which is total rubbish, but I can see it catching on. You fill your house with friends, have a party, keep it cheap, then end up scrubbing the wine stains in the carpet for weeks until you can see the floorboards...
Yeh, well not at our house. Big Gabe & georgie popped round and we played cards and soaked up some fizz. Not entirely sure what happened, but it was lots of fun. It took us 2 days to recover from that night too, if it's any consolation Georgie. x

Pete's Birthday @ All Star Lanes

Last satursnacks we took the south london crew way out of their comfort zone to the new All Star Lanes on Brick lane. Brick lane's got everything now hasn't it? Bagels, Bowling, Big Chill Bar, Curry, Dirt, Bricks....

Anyway, we had milkshakes, beers, chips and bowled away in their fancy velcro shoes, all in honour of Mr Pete Sale. Snazzy place, lots of easyjet orange chairs, some nu wave rockabilly's loitering in the corners as well as some very sexy waitress outfits. A good blend of agent provocateur & amy winehouse before she met David Blaine or whatever that scabby dude's name is.

2009 and On

As the sun rose like a beaver poking his head out of its twiggy lodge, I took a picture in our backroom, got cold and got back into bed. Welcome to the new year folks.


Oh my, we had a mental one over NYE. Snicks & I went to Canterbury to spend a very chilled out one with mere & pere mascarenhas. I know you're meant to go mental on NYE, but I beleive its who you're with not where you're at. Plus it was good, scrabble, a history lesson on Stalin, Jools' Hootananey, Wii and Jos Birthday Celebrations with family galore made it a treat. Bring on 2009 eh? Crazy cats.

Happy New Year

Love to you and yours. May your year be full of magic, fun and happiness. I've made some simple resolutions; to stay alive, get into as much trouble as possible and learn bass guitar. Let's crack on eh?

Mersea Island...

I took the badboy (QashQai) on a day trip with sexy Chris & sexy Gabe to Mersea Island. Nothing to do with East Dulwich, but a great gettaway island near colchester.

We ate Oysters, a plate of fishiness, collected shells

and...lost a wing mirror thanks to a tesco lorry deciding they wanted my side of the road too. Twas a lovely day out though. If anyone has any bright ideas for trips out of the city please send them my way.

More pics of Qash Qai adventures herey.

Monkey world next me tinks...

Good Eggs

Over the Chrimbo period the discussion "what's the best way to eat an egg" kept cropping up, and on the whole "poached" came out on top. My Mum taught me the best way to make poached eggs. boil some water, put in frying pan, get the water bubbling, but don't boil and crack fresh eggs into the water. leave for a while, serve and gobble. Yum Yum in my tum.

Saturday, January 3

Bloomberg new Contempories

Apparently this is where we can see the best new art being made in the UK right now. The above image is by Raakhee Lakhtaria, a photographer from St Martins

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008
6 December - 11 January, 2009
Afoundation London, Club Row, Rochelle School. Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES
Opening Times: 12 noon – 6pm

Friday, January 2

Crazy P

SUNSCIENCE - Crazy P from Gumboots Media Limited on Vimeo.
Crazy P, formerly known as Crazy Penis are playing Thurs 5th March @ O2 Islington Academy. We first saw their dreamy disco magic at the big chill, which was the highlight of the festival for me. Bag some tickets here & join us...



Been meaning to go to this for a while at the National Portrait Gallery. Nicola went to a Vantiy Fair Photographic exhibition and raved about Leibvitz's iconic images, and dribbled over the rob lowe picture. Hmmm. Anyway, they open late on thursday & fridays (til 10pm). What a great way to keep to the no boozing in the new year... just replace gutter crawling for culture craddling.

African Soul Rebels.

Everyone needs something to look forward to in the new year. There's lots on offer, so lets not piff paff around eh? Lets get back to fun ASAP.

South London Crew

The South London Crew spent sunday 28th of December at the Rye Hotel, Pecknam. Twas fun. Matilda drew me some wonderful pictures, I met new crew, and we all had a jolly old time. We hope everyone had a wonderful new year party and everyone stays healthy & happy in the new year. Bring it on eh?